A briquettes is basically a block of compressed biomass waste obtained from natural materials like agricultural waste, forestry waste, seed covers, coal pieces, etc. These briquettes act as the best substitute for non renewable fuel that is nature friendly. This poses no harmful effect on the environment and is atmosphere friendly. The main use of these briquettes is as a substitute to fuel, coal, cooking and even in boilers.

Briquettes is made of waste materials like  groundnut shells, saw dust, sugarcane bagasse etc.. and compressed in machine to generate a uniform shaped briquette that can be used to ignite fire and generate energy.

The process of briquettes consists of following steps:                 

  • Gathering biomass waste material
  • Crushing
  • Compressing to form briquette
  • Drying the briquettes

Advantages of Briquettes

  • Briquette is replaces the usage of conventional type of fuels
  • Considered as best renewable source of fuel and energy
  • It causes negligible pollution 
  • Has great thermal calorific value
  • It uses bio-waste to produce briquette thus it is very cheap
  • They are easy to store, handle and transport from one place to another
  • Useful in many applications of domestic, commercial and industrial area
  • Low moisture content results in higher burning efficiency