AAC Light Weight block is a unique product with the strength of cement yet light weight. Its durability is remarkable with sand and high dosage of fly ash making it economical and environment friendly. This mixture is volumised by addition of a foaming agent which enhances the volume and thus lightens the mixture. Further this is cured in air just like normal concrete and finally used.

Block Sizes Available:

625X240X100/ 600X200X100
625X240X150/ 600X200X150
625X240X200/ 600X200X200
625X240X230/ 600X200X225


  • Good thermal insulation property: 0.1-0.20W/(m.k)
  • High Intensity
  • Fireproofing
  • Good sound insulation
  • Heat resistant
  • Earthquake-proof
  • Mechanized construction
  • Light mass: 300-800 kg/m3
  • Durable
  • Low water absorption


  • Strength: @ 5Mpa.
  • Dry Density: Approx. 550-650 Kg/Cum3 {Oven Dry}.
  • Technology Adopted: “ASCOLITE”: Swiss.
  • Compressive Strength: 3 – 4.0 N/mm2.
  • Fire Resistance: 2 to 6 hrs depending on thickness.
  • Thermal Conductivity {Kw-m/C}: 0.16.
  • Cost Benefit Factor: Savings up to 24% in structural cost due to reduction of deed load {Subject to project design}.