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FCO1400 is the Next Generation Series of Fire Prevention Apparatus which is light weight, compact in size and extremely easy to use. FCO1400 Series starts working at lightning speed as soon as it comes in contact with fire and extinguishes the fire before it can spread and also prevents it from reigniting. Its cost-effective pricing now makes it possible for everyone to afford to protect themselves and their possessions from the irrecoverable damage a fire can cause to life and property.

  • Automatic activation Light in weight Compact in size Mobile
  • Extremely easy to use Negligible installation
  • Gives an alarm alerting you of danger Lightning fast in operation
  • Not harmful to humans, animals and environmental Bio-degradable
  • Ozone friendly
  • Residuals 100% recyclable Electrically non conductive 0% false alarm
  • Non hazardous Non toxic
  • Low clean up required
  • Works on most types of fires (A B C) Works on fires inside and outside
  • No wiring and ducting required Designed to work automatically and manually(Active & Passive modes) No maintenance required
  • Zero malfunctioning rate
  • Comes in different shades to suit your interiors 5 years guaranteed

Following are the certifications and approvals :

ISO 9001 :2008
Certificate No – 1912
Certification Body – AGSI Certifications Private Limited (NABCB) CE CERTIFICATION

Certificate No – EU.IN.CE.0050-08.11
Certification Body – European Inspection & Certification Company S.A. (Notified Body 1128) ECO WARRANTY

Certificate No – C27150
Certification Body – International Certifications Limited (New Zealand) QUALITY WARRANTY

Certificate No – C27151
Certification Body – International Certifications Limited (New Zealand

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