Our fly ash bricks are known for their optimum quality and tough features. Fly ash bricks are highly strong, durable and are extremely useful in construction. Our fly ash bricks are in high demand due to the user friendliness, easy handling and protection from fire feature. These are of robust build and give an even and strong structure. Customized sizes ensure less need of many layers of plastering

Sizes Available:

  • 200 X 95 X 95
  • 230 X 100 X 75
  • 230 X 110 X 80


  • Good earthquake & Fire resistance
  • Easy handling / faster construction
  • Excellent acoustic barriers
  • Reduction in plastering due to even walls


  • Construction of malls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
Size One Load Tipper Can Accommodate Minimum Compressive Strength Raw Material Usage Against
230 x 100 x 75 4000 No’s 40 KG/CM2 Fly Ash, Sand, Grit, Cement Alternative to Red Mud Clay Bricks
200 x 95 x 95